Become a validator and help secure the future of Script

Earn continuous rewards for providing a public good to the community.

The Script Network

Total SCPT Staked
51,695,000 SCPT
Total Validators
Current APR

Become a validator

Becoming a validator is a big responsibility with important preparation steps.
Only start the deposit process when you're ready.

Learn about your responsibilities

The Script upgrades will only be successful if validators understand the risks and responsibilities.

Validators FAQ

Prep nodes

You'll need to run an Script node to become a validator. Take a look at the checklist to prepare yourself and your equipment.

Hardware Checklist

Practice on a testnet

We recommend you go through the entire process on a testnet first to get comfortable.

Try The Testnet

Avoid phishing

Make sure you're aware of how to avoid phishing attacks. We've prepared a list of things to look out for.

Phishing Guide

Wait to become active

Once set up, your validator won't become active straight away. Use this time to complete the checklist and get some extra practice on a testnet.

Complete Checklist

Time to deposit

Once you're comfortable, you'll go through generating your keys and depositing your ETH.

Start Deposit Process
Become a lightning node

The blockchain that is built to bridge the gap between traditional media and web3

Have an idea? Then start building on Script, submit your idea below, and join the growing community of developers, creators, and enthusiasts building to help change and shape the future.

Earn Exclusive Rewards

Earn more than just tokens, get airdrops during the year of NFTs, and claimable off-chain rewards.

Stake SCPT, Earn SPAY Tokens.

Our dual token ecosystem allows you to benefit from holding both tokens long-term, bringing further access to opportunity, reward, and practical use.


Delayed gratification. Earn more through compounding time by claiming less often.

Exclusive Community

Be part of an exclusive community and network of builders for web3 TV, film, and dApps.

Comparing to other blockchains

Transactional Throughput5131661000+
Transactional Finality10 Min5 Min2 Min2 Sec
Energy EfficientNo ASIC-OptimalNo GPU-OptimalYes CPU-OptimalYes CPU-Optimal
Number Of Validators3 Pools w/51% hash rate2 Pools w/51% hash rate < 200 nodes relay chain10-15 nodes
Sybil ProtectionProof of workProof of stakeProof of stakeProof of stake
Storage Ability/ContentNoNoNoYes
Safety Threshold51%51%33%80%

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