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Become a validator

Becoming a validator is a big responsibility with important preparation steps. Only start the deposit process when you're ready.

1. Learn about your responsibilities

The Script upgrades will only be successful if validators understand the risks and responsibilities.

Validators FAQ

2. Prep nodes

You'll need to run an Script node to become a validator. Take a look at the checklist to prepare yourself and your equipment.

Hardware checklist

3. Practice on a testnet

We recommend you go through the entire process on a testnet first to get comfortable.

Try the testnet

4. Avoid phishing

Make sure you're aware of how to avoid phishing attacks. We've prepared a list of things to look out for.

Phishing guide

5. Time to deposit

Once you're comfortable, you'll go through generating your keys and depositing your ETH.

Start deposit process

6. Wait to become active

Once set up, your validator won't become active straight away. Use this time to complete the checklist and get some extra practice on a testnet.

Complete checklist
Become a validator

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