Introducing Two Tokens For Governance and Utility
To Our Network - SCPT and SPAY

decentralised tv and film
for you, and everyone with a device

Introducing SCPT – the token for the overall network and script blockchain and SPAY - the operational token of
the blockchain, used for gas, payments and rewards on and off chain


Introducing our team – made up of entrepreneurs,
product managers, strategists, operators, engineers and evangelists all focused on the common goal.


Beyond being a token of governance for producing and validating blocks, SCPT acts as a direct incentive for users to not only watch and discover great new content but also to share their bandwidth and memory for the videos, which in effect, will improve the stream quality.


SPAY however, has a different usecase. it is the operational token of the script network blockchain, as is for rewards for guardians & edge nodes, gas, nft trading, off chain rewards offline.

The protocol is built on our own, script blockchain. although both tokens have limited supply, script network is focused to deliver significant scale across the platform and future applications for our users, investors and partners.

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Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Ciculating Supply Na
Price at Launch $0.1
Use Case Governence
Total Supply 5,000,000,000
Ciculating Supply Na
Price at Launch $0.01
Use Case Utility

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