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Script TV is 24/7 television, on blockchain, for free. Watch thousands of hours of content, engage with the community, earn rewards and tokens, and benefit from live off chain opportunities. We are redefining television one step at a time.
Script TV is built on our own blockchain (Script Blockchain). Built to scale, both vertically and horizontally. The best part is as the network grows, the platform (literally), gets stronger!
Script TV is the first linear television platform on blockchain. That means you can watch films, tv series and more on our original channels, 24/7, at no cost, and get paid for doing so. Beyond this, we are the first to allow users to interact with content partners, earn off chain rewards, all on one platform.
This depends on various factors. To estimate your earnings however, head to our calculator tool here
Firstly, please ensure you fit the requirements of token allocation and system requirements, this information can be found on our token page. Then, fill in the validator / lightning node sign up form here. You will then be contacted by one of the team via email to progress.
Initially, it will be available on Uniswap on launch, but it will soon expand to multiple exchanges. Further details will be shared on our social pages.
Script Network is eliminating the need for any middle men in the industry. With our decentralised protocols, frustrating common issues in the industry like content storage, payments and data are all distributed automatically, without disruption. Besides this, blockchain brings an end to the unnecessary red tape in regards to transparency, immutability and traceability.
Initially, it will be available on Uniswap on launch, but it will soon expand to multiple exchanges, including our own.
The vision for Script Network is to be the web3 answer to film and television. Using our bespoke protocols, industry experience and original features, we aim to also change the long standing narrative of the television and film experience through a platform.
We recommend you to join the telegram announcements channel here – for up to date information on what is happening, or the discord here where you can interact with the community and the team.
You can view the tokenomics here, and for the whitepaper, click here.
In order to ensure the network security, scalability and stability of the network, the token economy of Script Network is based on two tokens:
  • SCRIPT (ticker: SCPT), used for staking and network managing
  • SPAY (ticker: SPAY), which actually is used as a gas for Script blockchain, alongside support for all transactions including payments for sharing a video stream, interacting with smart contracts, NFT transaction fees and more
This will be through live feed access, an original layer onto our platform which allows NFTs to be auctioned and traded in real time, during shows being aired on the platform. Besides this, there will be a marketplace where legacy NFTs can be traded. Significantly, Script NFTs will bring multiple benefits including unlocking exclusive content / rewards on chain and staking the NFTs for SPAY tokens
If you’d like to run a node, please fill out the form here (link to the form)
Not at all, only basic system requirements used to run most PC apps is required to run a node on our network. No additional hardware is required.
Script Network is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain.
Please register by going to the form here (link to it), and filling it in.
They are not yet launched, but will be announced where and when they can be purchased in due course.
Rewards can be accrued in three ways on the network
- Running a node
- Watching content
- Completing challenges
All of these methods have their own unique value accrual process and is written in more detail in our documentation.
The two tokens have two different use cases.
SCPT: For Governance, Staking and Advertising.SPAY: For transactions, Trading / upgrading your NFTs, and rewards
Script Network will have a rolling fund for support through grants and opportunities through our ecosystem. Please contact us through discord for more info


Want to know more about how Script Network works? Head to our whitepaper for details on our protocol, security, vision, and tokenomics.

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