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what is the script content partner?

The script content partner is the global community of partners who help script network to build solutions and services for customers. script helps partners build, market, and sell their content offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support. there are tens of thousands of script partners across the globe. script partners are uniquely positioned to help businesses take full advantage of all that content has to offer and accelerate journey to the world.

build, market and distribute to a new audience


We notice the biggest issue at the moment is content owners get near zero data once their content is distributed. no analytics of viewership, nor updates on how the content is doing. at script network we give progressive, detailed data in real time.


Being the first live tv and film platform on blockchain, the world is your oyster to an audience of hundreds of millions within the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

easy to use

Although it’s a new technology, the onboarding process, and the day by day use of the platform is simple! no jargon, no difficulty, and certainly no experience needed. simply complete the form, have a conversation with one of our team, if agreed, schedule your content, and get paid per view = simple!

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