Script TV exists to create a game changing
experience across film and television

For more than 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, engaging in online video and entertainment remains one of the most popular activities. The covid-19 pandemic, with its stay-at-home policy, played a significant role in this, locking up millions of people around the world with their televisions and devices. We exist to help bridge the gap between the traditional media world and blockchain, alongside delivering content from the world of cartoons, sports, news, documentaries and live action films.

About Us

Script network was founded with a clear mission and purpose – to bring live television to web 3.0. beyond television being brought to blockchain, script network is determined to break down the problems with a broken media industry through innovation, fair profit sharing and a revolutionary never before seen user experience. welcome to the future of television.

Experience to scale
and grow

Our team and advisors have experience working or consulting with some of the following companies

Script Network Team

Introducing our team – made up of entrepreneurs,
product managers, strategists, operators, engineers and evangelists all focused on the common goal.

Abiel Alazar

Co Founder/Content acq +

Akeem Ojuko

Co Founder/Growth

Roomani Bajaj


Chaela Lcabales

Head of Marketing

Shiv Kumar

Solution Architect

Andrew Fennell


Lili Hamdan


Erik Lundmark


Yule Caise


Pekka Kelkka


Michael Terpin


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