Open Source Live TV Platform, Protocol
& Storage Network

24/7 live television on chain. Earn rewards whilst you
watch through gameFi and socialFi elements.
Join and start earning in minutes! Built on Script
infrastructure, on Script blockchain.

Powering Live TV and Film for the next generation.

The First Decentralised Live TV Platform.

The cord cutting, Live TV experience you have been waiting for.

Here is just some of the things you can do on Script Network


Multi level reward model – content partners, advertisers, viewers and lightning nodes all can earn rewards daily.


Trade your SPAY tokens for real world products such as festival, events and cinema tickets through our Script Swap model


Multi accessible network for content based NFTs and projects to build, and distribute through Script Network


Live chat, private message and trade NFTs for that show/film in real time

Film+TV meets DEFI

The blockchain that is built to bridge the gap between traditional media
and web3 comparing to other projects.

Become Validator, Lighting Or
Script Node.

All with multiple benefits. All explained further here

Earn with Script and more!

A simple model where you earn rewards whilst consuming content. Participate to the network further and earn airdrops, off chain rewards and more

Estimate Your Rewards
0 2,000,000
Min Lock Max Lock
Your Estimated Rewards



Design and development phases of a website launch.



  • Implementation of ad serving platform
  • Validator / nodes created – full roll out (staking)
  • ScriptBUILD community - a network for nodes, developers and creators.
  • Initial channels and content rolled out on the platform
  • Start of development project for Mobile App (iOS/Android) and CTV (Connected TV)


  • Integration of full live chat function
  • Addition of 3 more live channels to Script TV


  • Onboarding more content partners
  • Additional live channels to Script TV
  • Genesis block mined
  • Token launch – private and public sale
  • Screen Zero Ticket Mint
  • SPAY token launch + airdrop
  • Regional channels added – content in multiple languages
  • Subtitles, transcription added
  • Ads management – ability for advertisers to create and view their ads


  • Script licensed original advertising
  • Additional viewer experience tools added
  • Partner program
  • Script Studios Inception (DAO build)
  • In-person Script events
  • Script TV On-demand + Premium services launch
  • Mobile App beta (iOS, Android))
  • Initial content focused live NFT purchasing rollout
  • Script NFT video marketplace launch
  • NFT marketplace video fractional launch - own a % of a piece of content
  • Private messaging, content communities – engage with other fans of shows and films you specifically watch




  • Script Build - Bounty Program launch
  • Rollout of large content partnerships
  • Voting control on ads and shows - you decide what you watch OTT / CTV / Smart TV Integration
  • Region based specific content launched across the TV network
  • ScreenVERSE Mainnet launch
  • 10 more live channels added to Script TV
  • ScriptSWAP beta launch - Swap your SPAY tokens for IRL products (ie Cinema tickets)
  • ScreenVERSE beta launch
  • Mobile App full launch (iOS, Android)
  • CTV and OTT beta launch



  • Direct integration with larger channels and studios into the TV app
  • ScreenVERSE asset ownership + games added
  • Reward claim for Screen Zero ticket holders
  • Script Studios initial content acquisitions



  • Brand and Media partnerships for FilmVERSE
  • Script Studios Originals (Film + TV Series)
  • Significant Experience upgrades for FilmVERSE - XR + VR
  • Large global event activations


Want to know more about how Script Network works? Head to our whitepaper for details on our protocol, security, vision, and tokenomics.

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